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A new co-authored study by Nagy Erika and Mihály Melinda is published in November issue of Applied Geography Read more

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Economist János Kornai, professor emeritus of the Institute of Economics died at age 94 Read more

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La Gonette case study written by Csaba Lakócai is published in European Spatial Research and Policy Read more

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Newsletter 3/2021 Read more

July - September 2021 Read more


Welcome to the homepage of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies.

The Centre for Economic and Regional Studies consists of three institutes, the Institute of Economics, the Institute for Regional Studies and the Institute of World Economics.

The Deed of Foundation of Centre for Economic and Regional Studies can be read here (in Hungarian and English)

General Director


Our institution is a leading centre of Hungarian economic and regional research. We operate as an independent research community characterized by intellectual curiosity, the pursuit of a deeper perception of the world and of impartial treatment of facts. Our mission is to gain a better understanding of economic, social and spatial processes in Hungary and elsewhere through state-of-the-art scientific analysis which, in turn, can contribute to policy decisions in an innovative way. We strive for achieving outstanding research results and for further improving our position as an internationally recognized centre of excellence. It is an essential pillar of our policy that the research fellows of the Centre rigorously adhere to ethical principles of scientific work.