A new co-authored research article by Flóra Samu in theme issue of the Philosophical Transactions B

  Evaluating mechanisms that could support credible reputations and cooperation: cross-checking and social bonding Flóra Samu and  Károly Takács   Published: 04 October 2021 Philosophical Transactions BVolume 376  Issue 1838  – 22 November 2021 Theme issue ‘The language of cooperation: reputation and honest signalling’Published by the Royal SocietyResearch article Abstract Gossip is believed to be […]

New journal article, co-authored by our researchers, Lajos Baráth and Imre Fertő is published in MDPI Agriculture

  Technological Heterogeneity in Pig Farming: A Metafrontier Approach—Perspectives from Hungary and Poland by Lajos Baráth, Imre Fertő and Jakub Staniszewski Agriculture 2021, 11(10), 961 Published: 2 October 2021   Abstract Despite remaining the most important type of animal production, pig production in Poland and Hungary declined after their accession to the European Union (EU) […]